New York Times: We Believed Bush’s Lies

The New York Times has finally come out and admitted that it printed lies delivered to the paper by the Bush administration verbatim, without investigating and determining the truth behind the information they were being given.

Here is what is scary to me about this story, though; every news outlet is reporting it, but no one is is focusing on the fact that the culprit here is not just the Times for doing shoddy work, but also the the White House for lying it’s ass off.
Look at Google News’s aggregation of the different stories about this published by different news outlets. Universally, the headlines cover the Times admission of errors. One of them event uses the words “misled” in there headlines. But none of them point the finger at the real culprit — the author of the erroneous information that the majority of the nation now believes to be true — George W. Bush’s White House; much of it through their puppet, Ahmad Chalabi, the Iraqi agent who, it turns out, is also a double agent who has been passing classified U. S. intelligence info to Iran Info that he got from the Bush Administration. Oops.

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