Unconscious Mutterings 2005-03-17

by , under Memes

Courtesy of Luna Nina:

  1. Shape up:: ship out
  2. New Orleans:: Marde Gras
  3. In the bedroom:: yawn
  4. All the time:: 24/7
  5. Philosophy:: thought
  6. Tyler:: Durden
  7. Disturbed:: bothered
  8. French kiss:: Stephanie
  9. Solidify:: Formulate
  10. Furtive:: hidden

  1. Steph Mineart

    When I said “yawn” for “in the bedroom” it’s because I was tired when I was filling this one out, and I thought, “yeah, bedroom, I want to take a nap!” It was in no way shape or form a commentary on my love life, which is wonderful and which I am quite happy with.


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