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This weeks questions early:
Q: Would you rather receive free gasoline for your car for one year, or free meals for a year at your favorite restaurant?
Free meals. I spend way more on food than I do on gas.
Q: Do you think it’s hypocritical for SUV drivers to display environmentally-focused bumper stickers on their vehicles?
Yes, (Brent!)
Q: If you could be any cartoon character for a day or two, which one would you be, and why?
Q: For how long can you hold your breath? Not sure; that’s okay… give it try, right now!
About 10 seconds. I’ve never been a big non-breather.
Last weeks questions late:
Q: When you were a kid, what were your favorite TV shows/Saturday morning cartoons?
Batman, Wonder Woman, Shazam, Isis.
Q: If you were forced to give up one modern convenience, which one would you choose NOT to give up because you absolutely could not live without it?
Digital Video Recorder!!! When I was in the hospital last year, it’s hard to tell which thing really almost killed me; the ruptured appendix, the constant needle poking to draw blood, or the inability to fast forward through the commercials on the TV.
Q: You’re standing on line in a supermarket and the person in front of you is short on cash to pay for all of his/her groceries. Do you:
A) Help them out by giving them the money they need?
B) Watch them struggle to decide which items they should put back in order to be able to pay?
C) Roll your eyes, stamp your foot, and sigh because this is just taking too darn long and you need to pay for your six pack already and get to the BBQ before all the ribs and burgers are gone?
D) You don’t have any extra cash on you, but you have a credit card with no current balance, and so you offer to pay for both your items and the other person’s, if they’ll just agree to reimburse you with the cash they have on hand?

A. It would probably depend on how much they needed, but I’d try to help them out. I’ve been in that position straight out of college, and I know how it feels to have to put back something you need.
Q: Would you rather kiss your boyfriend or girlfriend for an hour straight in order to raise money for charity, or win $1,000 tax free?
Kiss my girlfriend. Most definitely.

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