The difference between “blogs” and sites and pages

Channel 8 news this morning had a news story on about a 25 year old male student teacher from a local high school who has been accused of having an inappropriate sexual relationship with a student. During the course of the story, they show a web page they called his “blog” and mentioned that students had commented on it, and that there was concern about that, suggesting, I think, that they were trying to figure out how to take the page down.
The page they show is actually a myspace account. Students commented on his friend’s comment area. He doesn’t actually “blog” there, though.
Dunno what they plan on doing with that, but it was interesting how they don’t know the terminology for current technologies on the internet. It would have been more accurate to say he had a profile on a popular social networking site.

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  1. Mikal

    I’m really glad you brought this up, because for years now I’ve wanted to comment on what is and what is not a blog. (in my view, at least).
    In my view, in order for something to be considered a “blog” it needs to have a commenting feature. Television media especially likes to direct its viewers to its reporters or personality’s “blogs,” which are nothing more than web pages where the person in question has posted some words.
    Classic example… WISH TV 8’s “Political Blog with Jim Shella.” There’s nothing I see on his so-called ‘blog’ that in my view makes it a blog (other than the date of the post). Since we can’t comment on his posts, I do not consider it a blog.
    That’s all I’ve got. Gotta run.

  2. Steph Mineart

    I’d absolutely agree… and I think there’s a journal/date component to a blog as well.

  3. Greg

    I’ve seen this a lot with myspace accounts. Whenever someone in the news has a myspace account, someone in the news refers to that as a blog. However, 9 times out of ten, that person doesn’t blog on myspace.

  4. Traci

    Can somebody out there tell me the difference between a My Space and A Blog?

  5. Steph

    My Space is a social networking web site where you can put up a profile of information about yourself and interact with your friends. A Blog is a place where you do your writing – sometimes people write journal entries, fiction, news items, essays and commentary on their blogs.
    It can be a bit confusing, because on your myspace page you can do a blog where you write journal entries. But blogs can be on your own website as well.

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