Truck Cover Stolen

Last night someone stole the vinyl truck bed cover from my truck where it was parked behind my house. It will be $250 to replace the cover, and I don’t know if I want to do that, considering it might just get stolen again. It’s not like when my rainbow flag was stolen over and over, and I just spent $30 and replaced the pole and flag.
Between Stephanie’s car being broken into, and my flagpole getting stolen, and now this, I need to seriously put together a financial plan for fencing around the yard and getting better security. I should have put this together a long time ago; I say this every time something happens, and then I don’t do anything about it. I need to do it not just for my sake but for Spike’s, so he can have a backyard he can run around it without being on a leash all the time. I have to get my money in order and take care of the problem.

I suspect it was a mid-thirties black guy who goes through the trash cans regularly every so often. I told him to get out of the neighbor’s cans the other day because they complained about him doing it. He screamed and yell at me when I told him to move along, and said something about me “being rich.” I told him I don’t have any more money than he does.
He was out doing the same thing yesterday when Stephanie and I were putting the cover on. I called and made a police report, and they gave me a case number, but other than that, there’s not much they can do. I can call them if I see the guy out in the alley and have them question him.

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  1. Scott

    Your homeowners insurance should cover this, I think. I didn’t know Stephanie’s car was broken into… the Beetle?

  2. Stephanie

    No, the Honda. I was relieved that it wasn’t the Beetle and that my skates weren’t in the car. They broke a rear window and took a couple hundred dollars’ worth of stuff, including some tools and my CD player.

  3. Stephanie

    I meant to add that it wasn’t recent — it happened late last November.

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