Indy Star’s “2005 hotlist” is really not that hot

The Indianapolis Star put together a list of “what and who will be noteworthy in the Indianapolis arts scene this year.” And it’s a big yawner, to say the least. My favorite noteworthy event is that Deer Creek (I refuse to use the corporate name for the concert facility, and you can’t make me) is getting another gateway and expanded roads to ease traffic snarls at the venue north of Indianapolis. I’m not denying that it needs to happen, but is it one of the hot events of 2005?

We’re getting some new movie theaters, a couple of Broadway shows are coming to town, Herron Art School is moving, geeks are coming to town for a Star Wars convention, blah blah blah.

Honestly, I think it’s the Star’s fault. I know that Indianapolis isn’t this boring.

The only thing I thought was really interesting is that we have a public arts program (headed by Mindy Taylor Ross) that works with Indy’s Cultural Development Commission to plan and fund public art projects. Last year they increased their funding by $200,000, put together an artist’s registry, and created an arts competition that will put create a public arts project for this year. Nice.

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  1. Michael Packer

    Geeze – what about GenCon too? The durn thing takes up almost every available hotel downtown for a week! At least they managed to mention the Mid-West Music Summit. All props to David Lindquist and Rev. Peyton, but I really wouldn’t consider The Big Damn Band as something truly hot and cutting edge – it’s great music, but something to really look forward to? We shall see.

  2. Jimmy Patterson

    Have you seen The Rev. Peyton’s Big Damn Band? If you had, then you would know.
    Not cutting edge? There is not another band in the country doing what they do. Every other band I can think of that supposedly plays old style blues – sounds like a bunch of wannabe jug band hacks.
    Meanwhile every other blues band is a just a bunch of SRV rip-offs.
    I suggest going to the Patio to check them out, I’ll be in North Carolina next week, so I am going to try to catch them there.
    I don’t know anything about the rest of the list. The MMS is supposed to be pretty cool.

  3. Michael Packer

    I’ve seen The Big Damn Band several times actually 😉 It’s a great band, and they’re fantastic people but, I wouldn’t call them ground breaking for 2005. They were certainly something extremely unique to the Indianapolis scene a year or so ago (I honestly forget when they first played an IMN Showcase, which seemed to break them to a wider audience), when they began making a name in the rock circles, but that was a year or so ago. My point is that we’re looking forward, not backwards. Jimmy, it sounds like you’d really enjoy the MMS – a weeks worth of great local and regional music of every style imaginable.

  4. Dave Madison

    I have to agree with Jimmy. I am a big damn fan, as they call us. They have blown up over the last year, and have played all over the world. They have done a lot more than any other band out of Indy. Are you worried you got shafted?
    You also have to realize that their music is for everyone, not just a few goth people (no offense). They have a wide range of fans, old guys like me to scenesters to hippys.

  5. Michael Packer

    No offense taken 🙂 I run in many different music circles. I have seen tons of great talent in the city and heard many instances of local groups flirting with the big time. It’d be wonderful to see someone from Naptown break big.

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