Indianapolis Police are big drama queens about uniform design

According to today’s IndyStar, the newly merged IPD has arrived at a badge design, but is still deciding on what color their new uniforms will be.

Members of a merger subcommittee endorsed a proposed patch design Friday and indicated they are close to agreeing on a new badge for the combined Indianapolis Police and Marion County Sheriff’s departments. Whether the new uniforms will be blue or black, however, is still undecided. The color issue remains a hot topic.
“Officers look at this uniform as a symbol of what they once dreamed of wearing one day,” said Sheriff’s Department Col. John Layton, the subcommittee’s chairman. “They tested and trained for that right all while knowing that they could, if necessary, pay for that right with their lives.”

More drama than even gay men engage in while picking out their wardrobes. I’m sure no matter what color they pick, they’ll look just fabulous.

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  1. ABC

    The IPD/MCSD should not talk about rights, when they infringe on others.

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