Hidden Indy: Broad Ripple Dam

Just east of Westfield Boulevard and north of Broad Ripple Avenue is the Broad Ripple dam, a wooded area of the White River that’s fenced off and not accessible, just north of the Broad Ripple pumping station. On a sunny summer day a few years back, my friends and I climbed up the painted wall next to Westfield Blvd., shimmied through a hole in the fence, and hiked back through the woods to the dam.

Because of the dense vegetation, the site has a feeling of isolation and it doesn’t seem you’re in the middle of a city. We were able to walk out across the dam barefoot and let the water flow over our feet, and walk across stones across the river and back.
Frequented mainly by fishermen and high school kids, the beauty of the flowing water is accented by interesting graffiti artwork on the dam and supporting structures.
Given the fencing, I suspect we were not supposed to be where we were, but I’m not sure. There are some fishing websites that mention this area as a hot spot. Take note of that if you’re planning to visit.

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  1. Michael Packer

    That’s not so hidden really. In fact, I knew plenty of bridge kids back in the day that lived there!

  2. Steph Mineart

    True, but a lot people don’t know it’s there, and it’s not really visible from anywhere in Broadripple. I thought about calling it “not so hidden Indy” but the title would have been too long. 🙂

  3. Brent Mundy

    Where is that arial photo site you used to pull up pics of the Tao on Delaware? A pic of the dam and surrounding area would help me visualize where it is in relation to BR. Steph, where’s the dam pic?

  4. Steph Mineart

    Ummm. I’ll pull a picture of the dam, and I’ll do a separate post on the Indy’s aerial photography website.

  5. Steph Mineart

    The site crashed when I was using it to get an aerial pic of the dam. I’ll attempt later in the week.

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