House District 97 Vote Recounts

Taking Down Words gives a nice run-down of what’s going on in my district with the “still-up-in-the-air-due-to-polling-screw-ups” race between Mahern and Elrod, who are just 65 votes apart.

Seems that the touch-screen voting stations available at each of the polling places weren’t counted, and the state has just now decided to turn them on and get the votes from them. The touch screens were in place for disabled voters, but were available for use by anyone. Why did someone decide not to count the touch-screen votes? Who knows.
Turns out in some precincts, voters weren’t given a choice and were told to use them. Why? Good question. No one has an answer.

There are over 500 of these machines, and with a difference of just 65 votes between the two candidates, this could mean a lot.

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  1. Wilson46201

    I almost voted on the electronic doogie but my 40 years experience with computers kicked in and I chose the paper ballot.
    Were they actually planning to disenfranchise blind voters? Eeek!

  2. Nicole

    Wouldn’t it just be easier to see how successful voting is cast in other countries eg Australia, Britain etc. and just use that system. It just seems to me that every time America goes to the vote, the system falls in a big heap of poo. Surely it is not that hard to cast a vote and have it counted. Maybe I’m naive to the ‘American Way’ of voting (I live in Australia) but I think the system could really use an overhaul.

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