National Freedom to Marry Week – Feb 11-17th

National Freedom to Marry Week
10th Annual Observance
February 11-17, 2007
10 years of work
10 years of change
10 years closer to equality
All across the country, from Hawaii to Massachusetts, from California to New Jersey, we have worked together to make significant gains for same sex couples and their families. Our journey is not yet complete, but so far, we’ve come a mighty long way. Now, all we need is you. Get active. Get engaged.
Every year, right around Pres. Lincoln’s Birthday and Valentine’s Day, gay and non-gay people around the country gather in living rooms, rectories, parks and civic halls to celebrate our lives, our loves, our families and the victories of our movement from the year before. Freedom to Marry Day, Sunday, February 11th, is a day to celebrate and share our stories, reflect on the values of equality and love, while also engaging our neighbors in the movement for equality and fairness.
For the many thousands of you across the country looking for a way to get engaged locally in the fight to end discrimination in marriage, the 10th Annual Freedom to Marry Week (co-sponsored by Don’t Amend) offers the perfect opportunity.

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