Monday December 5th hearing on amending the HRO

I will be at this meeting. Please, please, please come with me, or meet me there. If you’ve never been to the city-county building, it’s very easy to find parking; just east of the building, where Market Square used to stand is a parking lot that charges 3 dollars. You can park there easily. I’ll be running in because it’s after work, but meet me when you get there. Please, whether you’re gay or not, come. It’s so important.
On December 5, 2005 at 5:30pm, the Indianapolis City-County Council will hold a public committee hearing on Proposition 622 [pdf description] – the proposed update to the city’s human rights ordinance that includes sexual orientation and gender identity.
The Rules and Public Policy Committee, meeting in the Public Assembly Room (council chambers) will hear testimony on the proposed changes from the community. The meeting will be televised.

Your help is needed!

Attend Monday night’s hearing and ask your friends, family and neighbors to join you. A large public turnout will help ensure the committee’s support.
WHO: City-County Council Rules and Public Policy Committee
WHAT: Proposition 622 public testimony hearing
WHEN: December 5, 2005 5:30pm (arrive early for seating)
WHERE: City-County Building (200 E Washington St – downtown)
Take action now! Take a moment right now to contact the members of the City-County Council and ask them to support equality and fairness for all Marion County citizens.
Or if you’d feel more comfortable contacting councilors directly (just be aware that Patrice Abduallah doesn’t read any of his e-mail):

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