Mark Foley blames crimes on being abused

Priest comes forward to tell of his inappropriate behavior with Mark Foley when Foley was young.

Let me make it really clear:

I was not molested as a kid. Most of my gay friends were never molested as kids. I have several friends who were molested. Some of them are straight and some are gay, and there seems to be no correlation whatsoever between the gender of the person who molested them and their current sexual orientation.

Many studies over the years have shown that there is no causal relationship between sexual molestation and homosexuality.

Also — I’m a 38 year old woman. The woman I love is 34 years old. I’m really quite tired of having our loving, nurturing relationship being equated with pedophilia, pederasty or predatory sexual behavior of any sort, and I’m really hating that I’m reading tons of that crap coming from the religious right currently.

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  1. Becki

    Amen, sister. And that comes from one of the few (per Ben Stein) straight Democrats. My brother-in-law is gay. My cousin is a lesbian. We all grew up in loving homes and went unmolested and accepted, and we also accept and don’t molest. They’re gay, I’m straight, and we all love each other to pieces. Kind of like God (the one I love and worship) has taught us.
    Hi, Steph! I’m also in Indy.

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