I Left My Heart in San Francisco

The Associated Press — SAN FRANCISCO

Opponents of gay marriage went to court Friday to stop an extraordinary act of ongoing civil disobedience in which San Francisco has issued nearly 100 marriage licenses to gay couples.

Weddings were continuing Friday and over the long holiday weekend, despite the effort by the Campaign for California Families to obtain a restraining order that would prevent the city from issuing more licenses or performing more ceremonies inside City Hall.”
“Phyllis Lyon, 79, and Dell Martin, 82, who have been together 51 years, leave San Francisco City Hall after they were married Thursday in a civil ceremony.”

Phyllis and Dell are really well-known in the lesbian community because they were founders of a lesbian organization in the early days of the gay civil rights movement, so lots of lesbians recognize them. They are wonderful role models, and there’s a documentary about them.

I imagine for them to be able to get married in city hall must be a dream come true.

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