Catholics refuse communion to people who support gays

According to an AP story, A priest in St. Paul, Minnesota denied communion to more than 100 parisioners on Sunday because they wore rainbow color sashes in support of gay and lesbian Catholics.

A Roman Catholic priest denied communion to more than 100 people Sunday, saying they could not receive the sacrament because they wore rainbow-colored sashes to church to show support for gay Catholics.

Before offering communion, the Rev. Michael Sklucazek told the congregation at the Cathedral of St. Paul (search) that anyone wearing a sash could come forward for a blessing but would not receive wine and bread.

A group called the Rainbow Sash Alliance has encouraged supporters to wear the multicolored fabric bands since 2001 on each Pentecost Sunday, the day Catholics believe the Holy Spirit came to give power to Christians soon after Jesus ascended to heaven. But Sunday’s service was the first time they had been denied communion at the altar.

Archbishop Harry Flynn told the group earlier this month that they would not receive communion because the sashes had become a protest against church teaching.

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  1. ron

    not that i agree with it but it’s their club, so they get to make the rules. if you don’t like their rules, join a club that has rules that you agree with.

  2. rainchic

    That would be fine if the church and religion didn’t have such influence outside their organization. It reminds me of my father. He has always been a joke teller and would occasionally tell some pretty off-color jokes. When I didn’t laugh and just gave him “the look” he started to clean up his act. I’m not taking credit for changing his behavior, but maybe if someone calls them on it things will start to change. At the very least maybe they will think twice.
    The pendulum will eventually swing back the other way. Not to condone complacency, but it is a reassuring thought.

  3. Steph Mineart

    The problem is that it’s not a “club” — it’s a religion, and one that people have stong feelings for and affiliations with. I grew up Catholic, and despite my strong disagreements with the way the church is run, I still identify with Catholicism. It’s painful that the church goes out of it’s way to reject me and to be abusive towards gay and lesbian people.

  4. Ami

    I have such a hard time with the idea that any priest can judge who is worthy and who is not worthy to receive Communion, because NONE of us are worthy! It is only by the Grace of God (pun intended) we are allowed it. God made the world, and the world was good. Period.

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