Anti-Gay Threat Graffiti at Michigan University

Michigan Technological University had an anti-gay graffiti problem during it’s Pride Week recently. This sort of thing happens fairly often, and it’s easy to gloss over it for that reason… but when you see the language used in the graffiti in these photos, it leaps out as something fairly extreme, and worth calling attention to.

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  1. MT

    It’s horrible, but there’s really no telling what spirit it was written in. Almost certainly it’s anti-gay (unless written by a 12 year-old), but people do this kind of thing to provoke, and where it takes more to get a rise they write more provocatively. Not to say extremist writing doesn’t cause more harm than more simply hateful writing does (although maybe it does, because on the context of a liberal campus the writer might think it was obvious hyperbole), but as a signal of what’s in people’s minds already it’s not very clear.

  2. MT

    Whoops. Make that…
    “(although maybe it does NOT, because in the context of a liberal campus…”

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