Anti-Gay Cross Burnings in Durham, NC

Durham, North Carolina had three cross burnings last night, that are apparently anti-gay related. The seem to be in response to a production of the Laramie Project, and also targeting a gay-friendly church, although none of the news outlets are willing to make that connection, except the pastor of the church, who mentioned it as his best guess for the cause.
Don’t get any ideas, Indianapolis bigots. Eric Miller better keep his KKK pals in line.

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  1. lisa

    a durham herald-sun article this morning: (link will die soon due to retarded archive system)
    did report that a flyer found at one site id’d the klan and also contained the phrase “gangbangers will answer”, which most people are taking to mean members of black gangs in durham.

    my friend lisa b. has the supposed text of this flyer in more detail in a comment on this post: but i don’t know her source for that.

    which is not to say that the burnings were not also a hate crime directed at gay people. but it sounds as if there’s a racial component as well.

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