Anti-Gay Christians Burn Flag at Bloomington Business

According to the Indiana Daily Student:

About 25 members of the Old Paths Baptist Church protested Monday afternoon outside The Inner Chef, chanting anti-gay slogans, burning a gay pride flag and brandishing signs with messages like “Fags Die, God Laughs.”
Bobb Easterbrook, a clerk at the store, was the only person working there at the time.
Bloomington police officers responded to the scene but only to prevent it from getting out of hand, said Bloomington Police Department Sgt. Mick Williams. He said police did intervene, stopping protestors when they began burning the New Glory, a gay-pride variation of the American flag that features rainbow colors as the stripes.
John Lewis, pastor of the Old Paths church, said his group burned the flag there because it believes gay people will burn in hell.
“The elite city of Bloomington harbors an elitist, faggot business called The Inner Chef which openly and unabashedly claim they are against God Almighty,” Lewis said. “… We were there to cry against it. We burned the flag, and we will do it again.”
Lewis said he plans to research the legality of burning the flag and intends to burn the flag legally the next time his group protests.
This protest came less than a month after two minors stole and burned a version of the New Glory that had been hanging outside The Inner Chef’s storefront. The minors admitted to stealing the flag Oct. 8 because they thought it was “unpatriotic.”

Burning a gay flag is the equivalent of burning a cross on someone’s lawn. It’s intended to intimidate and harrass.

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  1. junior genius

    john lewis is gay

  2. Curt

    John Lewis’ preaching is actually in line with the Bible and the hogwash spewed by 99% of churches in America is not. You effeminate, Christ rejecting, sin tolerant “Christians” will find out later, won’t you?

  3. lorraine

    I don’t quite understand why these so called “good people of the lord” feel the need to go out and spread hate. What are these people, the KKK? I think the world has seen enough of that, and I’m sure that Jesus wouldn’t be very pleased with them ether.

  4. Ron Bell MSW

    Please lets remember that God wants us to love all our brothers and sisters. I know as a man i am not to judge. so why would anyone else be?
    I am proud to be Gay and Christian…

  5. avery kossel

    So what would your solution be? Throw everyone in jail for their religious beliefs? This is not news, its what John Lewis and his congregation believes and a lot of other people do too. They committed no violent acts, and as opposed to so many other groups who gather on sunday, they actually practice what they preach. It also makes me wonder who this story’s been slanted for. John Lewis has a shortwave radio show. Listen to him speak a couple of times. Im sure he can explain himself a lot better than some leftist bloggers.

  6. Steph Mineart

    Have whatever religious beliefs you want – but when you engage in criminal acts to intimidate others, you’re beyond just having religious beliefs; you’re attacking others. There’s no way you can justify this as “religious expression.” It’s wrong, and you know it, darned well.

  7. Conner

    How? He is clearly mentally ill, they had signs saying ‘Fags die, god laughs’ That is fucking ridiculous. How can you or anyone justify that hate.

  8. Conner

    How? He is clearly mentally ill, they had signs saying ‘Fags die, god laughs’ That is fucking ridiculous. How can you or anyone justify that hate.

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