Alabama needs better sex ed classes. Seriously.

The website pointed out an anti-gay “sex-ed” (no actual education included) pamphlet distributed by an Alabama Middle School that has a quote that literally made me snort soda out of my nose a few minutes ago.

These same sex “unions” cannot provide an adequate means of achieving a genuine physical relationship with another human being because this type of “union” is contrary to the laws of nature. There can be no real union because same sex bodies do not even fit together.

Somebody seems to have a lack of imagination, there. Apparently, they’ve never read my post on intelligent design, or they’d know better than that.

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  1. Fred

    Call the Flintstones at Honeysuckle Middle School and ask them to take a look at the national education rankings, and ask if they have an opinion as to why Alabama schools frequently rank at the bottom of that list for quality of education received.

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