Flying, Body Scanners and TSA Groping

I’m sure by now you’re probably aware of the new security regulations at airports that subject you to very intimate searches if you opt out of the body scanner that photographs you naked in the security line. The scanners and new search procedures are going into every airport in the country now.
For me personally, this is a deal breaker when it comes to flying. I won’t do either – the scan or the TSA sexual assault. I’d rather take the train or drive on vacation. I’m not sure what that means when it comes to flying for business trips, however. I feel a conscientious objector status coming on.

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  1. lisa linn allen

    when i flew out of DC a few weeks ago, everyone was going through regular metal detectors. they had a backscatter scanner, but it was used as a last resort if you triggered the metal detector and they couldn’t figure out why. so it isn’t *necessarily* a choice between backscatter and pat-down/grope.

  2. HFM

    I think that’s for now, though. From the NYT article and at least one other (I’ll have to hunt it down) it appears that as they finish installing the 500 or so scanners, it will be a choice between the two, and that the regular metal detectors will go by the wayside.

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