Happy Leap Day 2008

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We can take some comfort in the fact that we’ve made SOME progress on the sexism front in the last 100 years. Not that much, since the only female Presidential candidate we’ve ever had has men telling her to iron their shirts, but at least women can ask ask men out on dates more than once every four freaking years.

1908 Leap Year Sexism

Isn’t it surprising to see stuff like this and realize how bad things used to be?

Vintage Leap Year Sexism

A few year back, I blogged about finding Anti-Women’s Suffrage buttons on eBay, and how they were being bought by museums and universities for huge amounts of money. But seeing the postcards and texts were huge eye-openers, not because people’s attitudes have changed all that much, just that they’ve gotten more subtle/less open about their messages.

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