Muffler Man Deconstructed

Kyla sent me a link to this picture from the San Fransciso Gate’s Day in Pictures:

Deconstructed Paul Bunyan
Deconstructed Paul Bunyan

“Saving face: Gene Lanich normally maintains a brisker pace in Springfield, Ill., but lately he’s been hampered by a large Bunyan. A weekend windstorm decapitated a statue of the legendary lumberjack at a local eatery.”

So sad.

Hoping that I’ll be able to add the Bunyan to my “Big Things” Photos sometime soon.

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  1. gene lanich

    This is me! And the local eatery’s roof is what decapitated the head off the statue. The statue is a city historical landmark that sits in front of a local car repair shop.
    The morning after the storm there were over 150,000 with out power due to the F2 tornado’s (two of them) swept diagonally SW to NW through the city

  2. Ross Peeler

    Ha! That’s my old friend Gene (the guy walking, not the head). I haven’t seen him in a couple of years so it was a pleasant surprise to see him here.
    Gene’s always been a go-getter but I had no idea he would go to such extremes to get ahead in life.
    …see what I did there was…

  3. Emily

    Hey Gene! Say hi to Y!

  4. Melanie Hafley

    GENE!!!!! My long lost brother!! Hi Ross and Emily too!
    Gene you MUST email me!

  5. Melanie Hafley

    Didnt realize how old this was. 😛 I hope that you see it though, Gene. Would love to talk to you!

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