An alternate proposal

Here’s an idea we all floated around the table at lunch, and Democrats and Republicans all agreed it was great:

Rather than use the $700 billion (or whatever the hell number) to bail out failing banks, why not take that money and pay off the mortgages of every single American who makes under $1 million a year?

THAT would stimulate your economy, right there. If my mortgage were paid off, we would immediately start building a big carriage house/garage with an apartment above it. I’d also buy a wii.

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  1. lisa

    oh DUDE! if my mortgage were paid off, OMG! i’d build up a bunch of savings and then start all kinds of reno on my house.
    great idea. plus if the money is used for construction and reno, a lot of it stays local and goes into the hands of small businesses and tradespeople.
    okay, you’re officially more qualified than Palin. or just smarter, anyway.

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