Working on my “Big Things” photo galleries

The lack of posting around here lately is because I’m reworking my “Big Things” photo galleries. I’m reworking the thumbnails to make them larger, but with smaller file sizes. I’m reorganizing them and making it harder for people to hotlink to the photos and chew up my bandwidth. I also have a bunch of new photos that haven’t make it into the galleries, so I need to gather those up and get them in there, too. I’m about half-way done, but I’m very excited about how it’s all coming together.

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OMFG – I’m on Joe.My.God.

This tabloid magazine photo I snapped on a knee-jerk reaction and then blogged about has been making the rounds of the internets; I swore I wasn’t going to do a “oooh, look how popular I am! I’m famous!” post, because that’s so lame. Plus, I’ve had other things to worry about.

But today it’s on Joe.My.God., which is really all “oooh, look how popular I am! I’m famous!”

I'm on

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Social Networking

All the social networks I’m on. The list was getting too long to keep it on a sidebar anymore, so it’s getting its own dedicated page.


My Flickr Photos

[Link deprecated –] Me on Icon Buffet

[Link deprecated –] Me on Facebook

[Link deprecated –] Me on MySpace

[Link deprecated –] Me on YouTube

[Link deprecated –] Me on Twitter

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Leviticus in My Spam Filter

I was going through a site migration checklist of things to remember when you move your site from one host to another, and one of the items was to remember to look at your comment spam filter keywords, to make sure that additions you’ve made stayed in the list. Which made me remember a conversation I had yesterday with a friend. I mentioned that I regularly get anti-gay hate comments posted to my site; usually it’s three or four a week, but depending on whether something I’ve written winds up in the target of a group of people, it can be a lot.
To combat this, I have several terms in my comment spam filter that most people wouldn’t; words like “leviticus” “sinner” “dyke” and “faggot” are a few of them. Usually that means I catch the comment before it gets posted to my site, but not always. Occasionally stuff will slip through.
But I wonder if other people have this sort of specialized problem, and what words they block…

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Getting there

I’m somewhat up and running. I’m still missing some files that need to be transferred over to this new server, and my comments aren’t working, but at least the site itself is up so people can see it.
It’s possible that the domain name still needs propagate everywhere…

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Blogroll and Charity Links

While goofing off this weekend, I added a blogroll to my site, including some of the blogs I read every day. What stays in my feed reader can vary depending on my mood, but these links are ones that I consistently check all the time, including my friend’s sites.
Any recommendations on sites I should check out and add would be appreciated, especially Indianapolis related ones.
Also, I added a badge from Network For Good to highlight some of my favorite charities, which are mostly local. These are the handful that I tend to donate to regularly, although this year I made donations directly, so the tallies aren’t showing up here.

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Comments Feed

I added a comments feed to my site last night, in case some rare person out there might be interested in hearing what others have to say about my site, like the homophobes and weird flamers who occasionally troll by and leave hate messages that I promptly delete. I don’t get too many comments on the site, although weirdly, I have tons of traffic. I guess I don’t solicit people’s opinions much, really.
Comments Feed
Site Feed
For those of you who may not know, (pardon me while I explain to my mom, people) a feed is a link that people can add to newsreader. A newsreader is a piece of software similar to an email reader (like Outlook), which will automagically pull down all new site entries into the reader, so people don’t have to constantly look at my site for new stuff. It makes it convenient to catch up on websites you read regularly — the reader just displays whatever is new and tells you how many updates each site has.
I personally subscribe to 183 different site feeds, because I’m farkin’ nuts, really. I’ve been using the Newsfire Reader for a long time, but it’s starting to be buggy, so I’m in the process of testing out the online reader Bloglines, because Matt uses it, and I always do what Matt does.

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I hate spammers

Ugggh. I’ve had tons of comment spam lately, and a ton of spam come through my contact form. I wish someone would track these guys down and wrench their computers from their evil, annoying hands. “No more computers for you! Ever!”

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I realized earlier today that my bio page was horribly out of date. I hadn’t added any information about our new house, there were no photos on it, and according to the outdated page, Annabelle and Huckleberry were still kittens. So after some massive re-writing and cross-linking, the page is all up to date.

2019 update: Oh, boy have I edited that page since.

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