Uncluttering projects

I haven’t stalled out on the de-cluttering and organizing projects, I just don’t have photos to put up quite yet – I’m still working on the great furniture shuffle. I purchased a new desk and new china cabinet at Ikea last week, and have put them both together. I unloaded and removed the old shelving unit, which is residing on the porch until I can transport it to it’s final resting place. I just have to install the lights into the china cabinet and we’ll be set to load it up with china and glasses that go there, along with table cloths. And I need to clean out the pantry and find room for tools, which will unearth an avalanche of discard-able items. It’s all proceeding nicely and we’re getting to the place where I start working on smaller items again.

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365 unclutter – item 11

365 unclutter - item 11

This is a patio bar that I used as a sideboard in my old house. I should have offloaded it when we moved in, but I didn’t figure that out at the time. It currently stores the china that needs to go in the china cabinet, stuff that needs to go on eBay, and Stephanie’s computer stuff, which needs to go in this spot, but on a desk, which will go here when the bar goes away. For these "not quite useful" furniture items, there’s going to be some time and effort involved in getting stuff moved around and discarded, but these are major pieces of the puzzle keeping us from uncluttering.

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links for 2010-04-11

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Impromptu Ikea Trip

Stephanie and I were invited to show our art car at a show in Columbus, Ohio this past weekend, and our original plans were to take advantage of that offer. But Spike seemed to be having so much trouble that we decided to stay home Friday night. It was the right decision, because he needed lots of looking after.

Sunday morning he was back to his normally chipper self though, so we decided to make a quick run to the Ikea in Cincinnati for a few hours. We had exploring, although Ikea can take it out of you. Lots of stuff to look at, and tons of people to navigate through.

We ended up getting new living room rugs, a new reading chair for upstairs, a reading lamp to go with it, and a handful of other goodies.

We planned to get a bunch of new bookshelves for the dining room for Stephanie’s library, but when we got to the bin to pick them up we realized that they were really heavy, and we’d need help when we arrived home to unload them from the car. So we’ll save that for a return trip when we can get our friends to help us carry stuff in the house at the end of the day.

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