house news

So, my offer is still on the table. (actually, we re-wrote it, but it’s all still up in the air) and I may not know anything for a week or two. Which makes it really hard to plan, but… we’ll see.
Stacy moved into an apartment in Old Northside this weekend. Actually, she’s mostly moved, but we still have to move a chair and desk & computer. So I got to rearrange the entire house and move my library into her room. The house is much neater and more organized now. Stacy’s apt is pretty cute, too.

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I’m the one with the money

So, I’m not getting the house. They didn’t bother to respond to my offer letter because “They’re waiting to see what offers they get.” Nevermind that they have to respond within the specified time limit. Here’s a tip for you folks: I’m the one with the money. I’m trying to give it to you. I don’t need your house but you need my money. Arrrghhh.

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having a will

This is the reason I’m writing up a will.
I realized last night that I’m not going to get the house. I won’t know for sure until 10 today, but I’m fairly sure I’m not going to get it. Which means I’m taking my earnest money check and buying a big screen TV this weekend. Woo Hoo!!!!! Home theater at my house. (Note, I didn’t actually do this. I held out for a house.)

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new lead

I have a lead on a new house that I like. It was one I was looking into before, but the situation was complicated then, so I went for the other house. The situation is a bit less complicated now, and I might have a shot at this house. It’s still in my neighborhood, and quite a bit bigger than the house I’m in. I have a good feeling about it and think it just might work out fine. I’m so impatient, though, that I can sit still and wait for things to take place in due time.
I really, really want to own a house.

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no pumpkin house

Found out Thursday that I’m not going to get the house I’m renting. The deal fell through on the owner’s side of things. It didn’t appraise for what he was asking for, and he has too much $$ in it to sell for the value. So I’m back to square one — looking for a house to buy.

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Chapel Perilous

Pretty cool site.
So, My closing date is a week away, and I’ve done everything I can possible do, but the termite problem isn’t taken care of, the foundation isn’t taken care of, and the radon is still a problem, all because Barry can’t get on the stick and get this stuff done. So I’m going to lose my interest rate because the owner is a an air-head. And I’m a bit pissed about it.

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The inspection on my house seems to have hit some snags. There are active termites in the basement, and the inspector recommended the foundation needs to be reinforced; two things that won’t pass the FHA. So I have to ask the owner to fix these things, and hope that he agrees to do it. The inspection took four and a half hours, during which I was crawling around in the basement, and looking over the whole house with the dude. I found out a lot about the house, and learned a lot about how to assess a house, too. Exhausting, but interesting.

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