I’m a homeowner!

So I closed this afternoon on the house. I’m officially a homeowner! That’s “home OWNER” not “homo”…. I was officially one of those years ago. (My brother Todd pointed out that joke.) So I immediately went to the house and started taking out the drop ceiling in the living room and pulling up the carpets. But I have installed garage door opener (that was bought from the best garage maintenance store) in my house since it is a good protective tool for the garage. You can also avail garage door opener installation here. or similar other products for your home from this site.

I bought the carpet from Kashanian Exports and pulled up in the living room and the dining room. The dining room has perfect hardwood floors under the carpet. The living room… plywood over the hardwood floors. And when I started to pull up the plywood near the fireplace… looks like the fire got loose into the room a bit. It doesn’t seem to be too far out into the room… I’m going to continue to pull up the plywood to see how bad it is, and then assess what I want to do with the room. If there are rooms where the floors aren’t good enough to refinish without major repair… carpet. But first I need to see what all is there.

2165 N. Pennsylvania - Walkthroughs

2165 N. Pennsylvania - Walkthroughs

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Rob at Cockeyed.com

This is a very fun website: http://www.cockeyed.com/. This guy makes paper maché stuff, cool costumes, and tests how much whiz there is in a cheese whiz can. Cool. He covered his entire car with aluminum foil, just to see how much of his car he could cover with one package. He made a “paparazzi” costume for Halloween, with dozens of cameras that flashed on and off repeatedly. He’s weird. I like him.
So I haven’t heard anything about the house today, so I’m assuming the follow-up appraisal went okay. I’m gonna run to the bank in a few minutes to get my check, so I can pay at closing. Cool. After close, I’m going to go to the house to see what needs to be done first.

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house purchasing news

Insurance is paid, floor should be done Wednesday as well as follow-up appraisal. Closing tomorrow afternoon. How am I ever going to kill the next two days waiting? This is worst than any Christmas ever. With the luck I’ve had so far, the floor won’t pass the appraisal and the closing will be pushed back. At which time I will pitch the largest fit ever seen by mankind.

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insurance done

Don’t pay attention to my last post; I was freaking out because I was having a hard time lining up my insurance. But I got it done. There are some things I’m going to have to do in a different order than I originally planned as far as big expenditures go, and some things will have to be fixed sooner than others. But when looking at my budget, and pricing some of the work with online pricing guides, I think it will go well. I think by the end of 2002, I’m going to have one kick ass place to live.
The sewer line is done, the floor’s getting done, the insurance is lined up; as long as the appraiser approves the work that’s been done, I’m set.

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More last-minute frustration

Really, why does this have to be so hard? If it’s not one thing, it’s another, and the problems just keep multiplying and pushing back any resolution. No wonder I never tried to buy a house before now. And honestly, I wouldn’t recommend the idea to anyone else. If I hadn’t made such a commitment of time and money to this project, I’d certainly be backing out. I’m buying a big fat money pit and waste of time.

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Last minute house fixing items

Everything seems to be falling apart at the last minute. The insurance agent I lined up suddenly came back with a price that’s twice what she originally quoted to me, so I have to scramble to get another insurance agent before next week. Also, the appraiser is asking for the owner to fix part of the floor in the dining room, and the contractor who’s supposed to be fixing the sewer line is suddenly MIA with the job half done (he was supposed to finish yesterday at the latest).
The owner’s willing to do the floor, but thinks he can’t get it done by Wednesday of next week, which means we might have to slide the closing date, which I really can’t do, because then I won’t have time to move before I have to be out of the house I’m renting.

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Closing date

So my close date on the new house is probably January 23rd, which seems like forever but is only nine days away. Very cool! The appraisal’s done, so I just have to find out how much it is, and get the insurance paid for, and everything is pretty much set.

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house loan approved

So my loan is approved. The inspection today was good, and unless something unexpected comes up, it looks like everything’s a go on the house. I just have to get the insurance set up, the sewer line fixed, and the appraisal done. If all goes well, I might get to close early. Very cool.

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Sewer Lines and Inspections

We found a good quote on the sewer line, so that’s one hurdle out of the way, now I’m just waiting on the loan stuff. I’m going for a different kind of loan to make the house a bit easier to get, but the loan itself is tougher to qualify for than the other loan I was approved for. So I’ll know next week whether I’m approved or not. I have a good feeling about it. I feel like it might actually work this time.
Also, I set up an inspection on Tuesday morning, so I’ll have a complete idea of what needs to be fixed in the house, too, and I’ll be able to take photos while I’m there with the inspector. The owner also replaced the window that was out, so the house is getting more complete. Cool.
This doesn’t stop me from driving by at every opportunity, though. 🙂 Good thing the house can’t call and report me for stalking. Don’t worry; I’m not trespassing on the property, just parking in the street out front. Don’t want to get in that much trouble.
Other people buy houses and don’t make this much fuss over it, don’t they? But I can’t help it; I’m obsessed.
It’s going to be tricky, if everything works out. I’ll have less than a month to move, and I’m hoping to have all the fugly carpet and vinyl floor coverings ripped out and the floors sanded before I move in. I may not have time to get then refinished, and scramble to move at the same time, and get the current residence cleaned and fixed up.

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