Labor Day Weekend Update

I had a hugely productive labor day weekend. I constructed my floor-to-ceiling bookcases and unpacked and organized all my books, which has had a profound effect on my psyche. I can read again! I feel so less… constrained. I also feel really rich — I have so many good books I can read, and I don’t have to buy them, because I already own them.
I also finished stripping and sanding the window in my entry way, stained it, and put on the first coat of polyurethane. The second coat goes on tonight. I cleaned the entire downstairs and organized lots of stuff. I did a bit of paint stripping on one of my small bookcases that was painted green. I think I’ll put it away until I finish two other projects, though. Sanding the floor in the living room, and removing the extra water pipes in the kitchen.
Oh, yes, I also put up the section of picket fence in the front to close off the extra entry to my property. This is the entry/walkway that I never use but my neighbors do to cut across the corner of my property when walking between the houses. I think they were a bit pissed off about it, because I was outside and none of them said hi to me all weekend. 😛 That makes me so happy.

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Living downtown is cool, hip and trendy

Hey here’s an article on something I figured out back in 1992: Living downtown is cool, hip and trendy. “The death and life of America’s cities” – Fred Siegel, The Public Interest

But do you own a cool Victorian there? I thought not.

(2014 update: Yes, in 2002 I was obliviously quoting an article from a neoconservative think tank without looking closely at what they were saying. I’m sorry; I was an idiot. I probably still am. It’s an interesting read today, though, because you can definitely observe how wrong they were in the article “It would be a mistake to assume that the big cities can ever again achieve the dominant position they once held.”- much has changed in the 12 years since they wrote it; the flood of people moving back to urban centers and away from suburbs is well-documented.)

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rights you no longer have

A breakdown of the rights you no longer have under the U. S. Patriot Act. War on Terror my ass. More like a war on the U. S. Constitution.

What I did this weekend… scraped and painted more of the house, stripped and refinished the window to go in the entry hallway. Now I need to finish stripping the outside of the window and get glass for it. I’ll have photos up when I’m finished…

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I went home at lunch

I went home at lunch to look at my gutters again while it was full-scale raining. I don’t think the top gutters are still leaking. I think it’s just that there is rain dripping from then naturally. There was plenty of water running down the downspout. I’ll be able to tell more if I watch next time it rains.

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weekend update 2002-06-18

Over the weekend, I painted the picket fence out in front of my house. I also finished painting first floor on the south side of the house and I put up a small wire garden fence and no parking signs in the backyard around the parking area, to prevent people from driving onto my lawn. I did that because I came home from Lowes Saturday morning and found an SUV parked on my lawn, and a moving truck on the parking area. Of course there was no where for me to park. The guy next door was moving out. Naturally, I flipped out, because, you know, that’s me. I flip out at stuff like that.
But anyway, I have to do some more replanting of grass (for the fourth time) to cover the spots where he drove on the lawn. Like I have time to do that with everything else I need to do. I’m just so tired of people not staying off my property. I don’t want to be a giant bitch, but what the hell else am I supposed to do? I can’t afford to put up a privacy fence yet. Should I just let people drive on my lawn, though? What’s the point of me planting grass if people are going to do this?

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The webcam may be a very real possibility… it’s much easier and cheaper than I thought to rig one up. I foresee this being a lot of fun.

(2014 update: never got a webcam. Just venting frustration.)

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Backyard torn up again

I got home from work yesterday and discovered that, for the third time, someone had driven through my backyard and torn up the grass. I’m going to rig a webcam up to the back window of my house.

In other news, be sure to send this link to your younger brothers: University Of Toronto Study Analyzes Chances Of Homosexuality.
Summary: Roughly one in seven gay men may owe his sexual orientation to the fact he has older brothers, say University of Toronto researchers.

Incidentally, in an informal, unscientific poll I took moments ago, very few of my gay male friends have older brothers.

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Living Room Ceilings

Ripped down half of the crumbling plaster ceiling in the living room last night. It was remarkably easy. Just have to do some clean-up tonight and finish the ripping down, do some clean up tomorrow night, and I’ll be ready to do drywall. Dunno whether to work on the floor before drywalling or not. Pictures to follow this weekend.

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