Things I Learned from Hanuman

However pretty, the sun is not really a fruit.
You can set the world on fire with your tail.
If you look for the goodness in the hearts of everyone, you will notice gods in disguise walking among you.
Sometimes the only solution is to make an enormous leap into the unknown, and have faith that you will land on solid ground.
Love can help you move mountains.
Sometimes it’s important to make yourself as large, loud and fearsome as possible, and sometimes it’s important to make yourself small, gentle and comforting. There is dignity in both.
When you hold others in your heart, their beauty will make you radiant.
Loyalty is its own reward.

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Chinese New Year: Year of the Monkey

Monkey!!The Year of the Monkey begins today… This is a year I’ve looked forward to for a while, because it’s the anniversary of my birth year (1968) and is supposed to be lucky for me, although from what I’m reading, it’s to be more entertaining than productive.

“While a lively year of good times, good friends, and lack of boredom, only rarely are your own Monkey years constructive and capable of permanent development. Monkeys have difficulty staying on a straight and narrow course, tempted to take detours and short-cuts for the pure pleasure of discovery and novelty. However, you do find the year’s prevalent upheaval amusing, and will have a strong desire for travel.”

Notable events that happened in the Year of the Monkey: 1992 – Bill Clinton became president. 1968 – assassinations, riots, revolutions and political unrest around the world, including MLK and RFK assasinations. In 1944, the Allies began to turn the tide in Europe in World War II, liberating France from the German occupation. Franklin Delano Roosevelt was elected president in Monkey year 1932. Abraham Lincoln was elected in 1860. The Declaration of Independence was written in 1776.
Of course, you have to process all this keeping in mind that I believe that all astrology is a bunch of ridiculous hooey. But fun ridiculous hooey.

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Chinese women want to give birth in year of monkey

Many expectant Chinese women are trying to delay the birth of their children until the Year of the Monkey begins next week because they think it will bring them luck, state media said.”

Because being born in the Year of the Monkey ROCKS. And being born in the Year of the Goat SUCKS!
In other monkey news, Monkeys invade Indian Embassy in Nepal. Bonus points because the article also contains the word “Katmandu.”

I love a good monkey invasion.

2022-03-13 Update:
I really had an obsessions with monkeys at one point. Not sure why. I was so enthusiastic, too. Also, Monkey invasions are bad. They often happen because humans encroach on animal’s territories. Now I’m an old grump.
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King Kong Turns 70

King KongOne of my favorite old movies turns 70.

Some possibly urban legends about deleted scenes from the 1933 movie, in which Kong chews some people up, steps on them, strips Fay Wray naked, drops a chick after grabbing her from a New York window, and does other stuff that shocked the hell out of people during the depression but probably wouldn’t make people blink nowadays.

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Monkeys: Cool. Monkey Pox: Not Cool

Check your prairie dogs, if you’ve got ’em. Apparently, prairie dogs purchased at an Illinois store are spreading monkey pox to their owners across the midwest. Health officials are looking for people who purchased the rodents from Phil’s Pocket Pets in Villa Park, Ill. People without prairie dogs needn’t worry.

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Kong Is Back

Peter Jackson of LOTR fame will remake one of my favorite movies ever: King Kong. It’s bound to be a great film. I can’t wait to see it. I wonder, though, what tall building in New York he’ll end up climbing… since the World Trade Center towers (from the 1974 movie) are no longer there.

King Kong

70s Party, Riley Towers

King Kong Empire State Building

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