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When I first started looking at this bio-feedback game called Wild Divine I thought it was pretty hokey, (I tend to take Deepak Chopra with a grain of salt) but watching the demo made me think it might be pretty fun to play around with. You have a machine hooked up to your fingertips that measures your bio feedback, and when you’ve reached a meditative state you move to next levels in the game. Visually, it’s nicely done with a lot of cool graphics and things to explore.

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  1. Shaula Evans

    I have a copy! My husband and I bought the game for our Christmas present last year.

    From a game perspective, it can be a little bit hard to navigate (my only complaint, and a small one at that), but from a biofeedback perspective, it is REALLY brilliant.

    I’m off work sick (in theory, I’m actually working a lot anyways), and while we’ve had the game, I’ve been good at the “calm” exercises, but since I have no energy, I can’t get any of the “focussed” energy exercises to work! lol (I have to get my husband to play the tough exercises so I can get past them and get on with the game.)

    All in all, we’ve been pretty impressed with it. The artwork and music is really gorgeous.

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