I’m Glad That’s Over

According to the New York Post, Roseanne Barr’s new “cooking” show, Domestic Goddess, has been cancelled. There’s no word on the fate of her “reality” , The Real Roseanne about the making of the “cooking” show, but it’s fate is likely not good. And that makes me happy, because I watched part of the first episode of the reality show, and I had to turn it off because it made me want to kick Roseanne’s ass, and the asses of her entire family.

The whole first episode was about coming up with a concept for the new “cooking” show, but although they keep meeting, and eating, and screaming at each other, and fighting with plastic swords, no one actually attempted to think of a concept for a show. They ended up going to a pitch meeting (late, because they were getting donuts) and pitching nothing but a vague description of what the show would be.

The agents started to ask them a bunch of questions about the show like, “Would this been in a studio, or would Roseanne invade the homes of celebrities and cook in their kitchens?” and you could see the faces of Roseanne’s family light up, like “hey that’s a good idea!” and you could see they never even thought about how the show would work.

Mentally, you start running through all the stuff you have to do in a given day, and you realize, “holy crap, these people have tons of money for no reason and I’m working my ass off…. I hate them!” And then you turn the show off and delete it from your DVR.

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