You can go into buildings on Google Street View?

I was looking up street names in London to update this page on funny British place names, and as I was playing on Street View, I found myself inside a London pub. Pop into this pub yourself, if you’d like.

Nordic Bar in Google Street View

No one was there to give me a drink, so I left.

Nordic Bar Exit

Nordic Exit 2

Apparently this is a feature that has been around awhile, because people were writing about it in 2011. I missed that story.

Here’s how you can find buildings that you can enter – while you’re in street view, pick up the little yellow guy on the map, and you’ll see orange circles appear. Those are the stores you can enter.

Finding Buildings You Can Enter

That makes me a little bit nervous, given my previous interaction with Google Street View. Hey, what are you doing with that camera?

You’ll have to pardon me, I’m going to spend the morning popping in and out of shops in London. This was the place I was looking for when I stumbled into a bar…

Percy's Passage, London
Percy’s Passage, London

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