My ass can be seen from space

Stephanie and I were talking and she pointed out that Google had added the “street view” feature for the city of Indianapolis; this lets you look at city streets as though you’re standing on them, and you can do a panoramic view of the houses rather than just and aerial view. That’s a pretty big deal; they haven’t done more than an handful of cities, and Indianapolis was only rolled out on December 10th – a few days ago. So i promptly looked up our house…

Look! There’s Our House in Google Streetview!

Look! There's Our House in Google Streetview

Hey, who’s that in the yard?

Hey, who's that in the yard?

Uh, that’s me in the yard.
Uh, that's me in the yard.

Yeah, that’s my ass on Google Street view.

Yeah, that's my ass on Google Street view.

Great. Well, at least I can prove I did yard work this summer.

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  1. Matt B.

    Good job, Steph! 🙂

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