I downloaded and played with Joost, the TV on the internet viewing software that Warner and Viacom have signed up to put TV shows on. Interesting, I guess. I’m not thrilled about having to use a different interface than my browser to watch videos. And I had trouble finding anything interesting to watch. There’s boxing (yawn) and Indy Car racing (double-yawn – I live in Indy and don’t even care.) Comedy Central had a channel, but they only have their third-rate crap shows on it. If I wouldn’t watch it on my actual TV, why would I watch it at crappier resolution on my computer?
Hmm. I don’t know what to make of it yet; I’m not motivated to actually fire it up regularly. I’ll check back in later to see if they have added anything I’m interested in watching.

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  1. Mark

    my name is Mark 2 and would really like an invite
    please send me one
    would really like to test it out

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