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A couple links for my girlfriend, who has one of these clever little vacuums.
New Roomba Scheduler lets you upgrade your current Roomba! The iRobot Scheduler is a complete scheduling system that can be used with any of our current Roomba productsProgram the days and times and Roomba will clean when you’re not at home, at night, once a week or anytime you want.
Roomba Hacking: Ever wish you could dispatch a robot to grab you a beer? That day might soon be here, thanks to an as-yet-unannounced decision by iRobot. In early July the company will post instructions for controlling its Roomba vacuum cleaner via the built-in serial port, so programmers can modify it however they want – from equipping it with a camera to, yes, adding an arm and training it to retrieve brewskis. iRobot hopes the move will foster the development of Roomba accessories – like the ecosystem of add-ons that has sprung up around the iPod – thus driving sales.

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