World Beard Championships

I have long been a proponent of elaborate, artistic facial hair styles. Sadly, I have little to no influence over my male friends and family in their choice of facial grooming habits, or they would all look like this. Fu manchu! Fu manchu!

As my co-workers examine the various facial hair styles available to the contestants, One co-worker projects what he might try to grow himself:


Whereas Mike suggests that the Championship is elitist, because they leave out the most interesting possibilities.

Facial Hair Options

Rich projects what Jerrod might look like with the “verdi” style beard, Jerrod declines to grow one.


Sigh. I’ll have to settle for a monocle for myself.

2019-04-18 update: Oh, this is a really funny post looking back after 16 years.

Hawthorn Mineart
Hawthorn Mineart

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