Songs To Stalk Someone By (love series vol. 3)

This CD wasn’t originally part of the “Love” series; originally it was supposed to be “kissing”, “love”, and “sex”. But somehow the kissing CD never got off the ground. This CD came about after a dinner-time discussion of Sting’s “Behind the Music” episode on VH-1. He mentioned that couples came up to him and told him they got married to “Every Breath You Take” and it freaked him out because it was a stalker song. From there we started talking about “Stalker” songs in general, and off the top of our heads listed all the songs here.
Apparently there’s a Sarah Maclachlan song we overlooked, but oh well. The first four songs all seem slow and dreamy and romantic, but if you listen closely to the lyrics, they’re pretty creepy. I originally had five Melissa Etheridge songs picked out, but I thought it might go to her head, so I only took three.

01 – Just My Imagination – Temptations
02 – Turn Around, Look At Me – The Vogues
03 – Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You – Frankie Valli
04 – My Eyes Adored You – Frankie Valli
05 – She’s So High – Tal Bachman
06 – Jesse’s Girl – Rick Springfield
07 – Hello, I Love You – The Doors
08 – Ladder – Joan Osborne
09 – One Way Or Another – Blondie
10 – I Am So Ordinary – Paula Cole
11 – Jealousy – Natalie Merchant
12 – David Duchovny – Bree Sharp
13 – Watching You – Melissa Etheridge
14 – Must Be Crazy for Me – Melissa Etheridge
15 – Angels Would Fall – Melissa Etheridge
16 – Out-A-Touch – Pat Benetar
17 – Every Breath You Take – Police
18 – In The Air Tonight – Phil Collins
19 – Bad Moon Rising – Creedence Clearwater Revival

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