She’s The Man: Modern Retelling of Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night”

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She's The Man
She’s The Man

I happened to see this movie trailer for the teen comedy “She’s The Man” posted on Apple’s movie trailer site, and I realized quickly after reading the names of the characters that this is a modern re-telling of my very favorite Shakespeare play ever — Twelfth Night. I read the play in high school English class, after I knew I was gay but before I was comfortable telling other people that, and I was fascinated by the cross-dressing aspect of the play. Hey, there wasn’t exactly any healthy gay teen literature around at the time, so I took what I could get.

So… is this movie going to piss me off by screwing up my favorite play? Is the movie going to piss me off by portraying tomboys in an unfavorable light? It has Amanda Bynes in it, who is a great young comedic actress, so that’s a point in it’s favor. But she plays the cross-dressing Viola, and she’s not exactly convincing. A large part of that is the hair; she needed a way-better hair cut. But I’ll see it anyway. It looks silly-fun.

2022-03-15 Update:
Oh, past self, you silly kid. You’re trans; that’s why the cross-dressing appeals. It was a cute silly movie.

Here’s the actual trailer.

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  1. Branden

    I’m in SHE”S THE MAN AS an extra and while I was on set I though it was going to be pretty good, but i’ve seen it and i guess its ok, but the director picked the strangest takes for the final cut. It could have been much better.

  2. jenny day

    ummmmmmm she’s the man preety much is th best and the guy in it is the hotest evah so all u that dont lk it dont watch it derrr

  3. kiki

    i thought it was a pretty good movie

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