Gay Games, Opening Ceremonies

Stephanie can get on her Dad’s neighbor’s wireless network, but I can’t get on, so I can’t yet upload the bajillion pictures we’ve been taking. We bought a new camera for me — the Canon SD630 I’ve had my eye on for a while, and Stephanie’s adopted my slick little Canon SD10 Powershot, which she took on the field with her during the Opening Ceremonies, while I snapped pictures from up in the stands. The ceremony was great; lots of cool speakers and interesting entertainment. I especially loved Margaret Cho, and I also was impressed by the dance stuff right before the torch lit. And the fireworks in Soldier Field were awesome.
The ceremonies were really long though — they ended at midnight, and we still had to drive back to Valpo, so it was quite a late night, and we got up fairly early, too. We need some extra sleep.

Today Stephanie had a skaters meeting at the MeFetridge Ice Rink where she’ll be competing, and we went through the expo hall for the games collecting free stuff from all the vendors. was giving away some cool backpacks, and we got a lot of other fun swag. Stephanie also talked to a women’s book publisher who might have her freelance edit some fiction, which would rock pretty hard.

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  1. Morgan

    No need to drive from Soldier Field to Valpo – just drive to the South Shore station and get out at Roosevelt Rd./12th St. It’s usually not more expensive than parking for two people, and what with expensive gas it’s probably cheaper. Not too many people outside NW Indiana know there’s an electric interurban ( running up there.

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