Lisa’s Dentistry Haiku

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from Lisa

I still completely love yoursite. I am sending the link to ALL my friends. To show you my appreciation, I’m sending you my dental haiku, completely original (who else would claim it LOL) and in honor of my visit to the dentist tomorrow morning. I’m a chicken about dentists in case you cannot tell. hehehehehe. I lveo sarcastic haiku. I cannot remember if I’m the one that sent them to you, or if I saw them on your site, but I think one of us showed them to the other….. anyway those computer error message haiku just crack me up!!!

aakk ak ak ak ak
tomorrow I go to the dentist
dear friend, pray for me

let me see…. inspiration if you can call it that — cometh….

extreme dental pain
tomorrow, high pitched whining drill
chewing up my face

oh that came out so nice… how about this one…..

make my mouth go numb
use a lot of novocaine
then you can touch me

oh oh,,,, I really have the touch here… a true geisha… I’m scaring
me….here… let me try again

pearly white choppers
how can they cause so much pain?
smiles are deceiving

hehe, ok, that was a little too sybil-ish. let’s do one more

maybe a cracked crown?
Just my imagination?
no, the pain is real

do you think I should show these to the dentist? he will never give me drugs again.

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