Lisa’s Anti-Guido Poetry

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from Lisa

Dear Steph, I wrote these in contemplation of my neighbor Guido’s horrible little yapping inbred cocker spaniel. perhaps they are worthy of publication
also? hehehe. more to come. (the dog continues to bark)

Your dog’s too loud, and it must go.
I’m sorry but this is just so.
I thought that you just ought to know
Your dog’s too loud and it must go.

the yipping dog will die today
Its barking hurts my head
I’ll smash its brains in the drive way
That dog ought to be dead.

Some say a dog is man’s best friend
But does that rule pertain
to dogs that yelp unceasingly
and drive me quite insane?

#4 (here’s the haiku)

Shrill noise ends my sleep
Guido’s dog needs sedation
Where is my shovel

there once was a dog that I hated
Its yip-yip-yip never abated
I wanted to kill it
or somehow to still it
and knew why the gun was created.

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