Don’t I know you?

Don’t I know you?
by Karen Shepard

FICTION – A mystery/thriller set in 1976 Manhattan about a woman, Gina Engel, who is murdered in her own apartment and discovered by her 12-year-old son Stephen. He narrates the first part of the story as he deals with his grief and tries to piece together anything he might know about the killer while his whole world turns upside down. The narrative is picked up by two women with seemingly remote connections to the crime, who drop puzzle pieces into place over the next decade about the identity of the murderer. From “Shepard’s vision of how a murder’s effect reverberates outward inspires us to understand the limitations of intimate knowledge and the extraordinary capacities of the people we think we know best, even as it shows us how we repair those bonds and prepare ourselves to go on.”

It a very quick read, (I finished it in an afternoon) but not a throw-away mass-market thriller. It’s gripping and when you finally figure out whodunnit (probably) you walk away both satisfied and disturbed.

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