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It Gets Better: Pearson Employees

This is from my company – an “It gets better” message from some of the LGBT employees where I work. When I first saw that they had put it together, I thought “hey that’s pretty cool” – then I started watching it, and teared up. Damn.

I do occasionally get frustrated with my job, but everyone does. Life would not be life if there weren’t bumps in the road. And the little day to day problems that crop up are nothing compared to things like this – being a part of a company that values its employees and nurtures them. I am tremendously blessed compared to many many people who have to be in the closet for their job, or who have jobs that don’t reward them the way mine does.

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For Those With Vaginas

Transcript: Hello, I am a woman. I am a woman. I’m a woman. A female of the species. You can tell because of the whole vagina having thing.

Often American women depend on Planned Parenthood for medical care. It’s like doctors and stuff. Otherwise many women can’t afford basic care. Period.

It’s come to my attention-as a woman-that there are people who would like to stop funding for Planned Parenthood.

Ok. Ok. People can believe what they want. But if you’re a man who doesn’t care about women’s sexual health. Then that is duly f*cking noted. And there’s nothing less hot than a man who doesn’t care about vaginas. My vagina, for your intents and purposes, is off the table. Period.You can also click to find out more about the sexual wellness.
I’m not saying that people who oppose basic funding for women’s health care can go f*ck themselves. But, as far as I’m concerned, they won’t have any other options.

Vagina havers: Does your sexual partner support vaginas? If not, tell him how he can go get f*cked. Alone.

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Rainbow Noise: IMMA HOMO

I cannot wait for these guys to put out this song as an mp3, because I want to drive around town with my truck windows down blasting this on the stereo.

“RainbowNoise is an entertainment company that specializes in marketing lesbian and gay talent to commercial and mainstream audiences without compromising the artists’ individual style or gender presentation.”

They have a YouTube channel and a website. Looks like they’re getting started promoting, but this is blowing up on gay sites right now.

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Things I totally did not do at work

“The Tiger could be riding atop a firebolt that is dripping blood, while holding a scotch in one hand and a snickers in the other.”

Tiger's Blood Winning Winners Shirt Design
Tiger’s Blood Winning Winners Shirt Design

The results of a far-ranging discussion about what our team name and t-shirt design should be for the Global Corporate Challenge that our company is participating in at work.

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