Top Ten Conservative Idiots (#113)

Courtesy Democratic Underground. In which Bill O’Reilly threatens to shoot Al Franken because Franken is smarter than he is and made him look bad at a book expo. Aw, poor Bill. Also, the Catholic church accuses gay people of hate crimes for kissing. Gee, that’s so similar to Matt Shepard being beaten to death and tied to a fence post.

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Now, far too late to save to save Kirk Straseskie or console his father, the press and the intelligence community have begun to wake up to the fact that they and the American people were deceived. We�re finding out that Colin Powell denounced some of the claims about Iraqi weapons as �bullshit� before his speech to the UN in February. A newly formed group called Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity wrote a letter to the President protesting “a policy and intelligence fiasco of monumental proportions.” An Army intelligence officer told Time Magazine that Donald Rumsfeld was �deeply, almost pathologically, distorting the intelligence“. Greg Thielmann, recently retired from the State Department Bureau of Intelligence and Research says that the Bush administration �was grossly distorting the intelligence� on both weapons and the Iraq-Al Qaida connection.

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Impeach Bush, I Tell You

Interesting — John Dean is saying that George Bush’s lies about mythical weapons of mass destruction are enough to warrant him being impeached. And John Dean would know, wouldn’t he?
And in other news, historians are confirming what I said all along; that the Clinton impeachment attempts were unconstitution and illegitimate, and right-wing partisanship at it’s worst. It was indeed a “vast right-wing conspiracy” and it undermined the ability of both the president and congress to do their jobs — and lead directly to the events of September 11th. If it had not happened, Al Gore would be president; if Gore were president the intelligence memos would not have been ignored; if the intelligence memos had been followed up on, the WTC attacks would have been prevented.

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King of Swaziland: Women don’t wear pants in Swaziland

The King of Swaziland
The King of Swaziland

The King of Swaziland blames women wearing pants for everything.

This fucker is the same age as I am. Mswati III (born Makhosetive; 19 April 1968) is the king (Swazi: Ngwenyama, Ingwenyama yemaSwati) of Eswatini and head of the Swazi royal family. Look at this fucker.

Swazi king blames trousers for all world’s ills
MBABANE – Swaziland’s absolute monarch has singled out women wearing trousers as the cause of the world’s ills in a state radio sermon that also condemned human rights as an “abomination before God”.

The Times of Swaziland reported that the monarch, who reigns supreme in the landlocked country run by palace appointees and where opposition parties are banned, went on to criticise the human rights movement.

“What rights? God created people, and He gave them their roles in society. You cannot change what God has created. This is an abomination before God,” the king told an audience of conservative church leaders.

Women on the streets of capital Mbabane were not impressed.

“The king says I am the cause of the world’s problems because of my outfit.

Never mind terrorism, government corruption, poverty and disease, it’s me and my pants.

I reject that,” said Thob’sile Dlamini.

Mswati is Africa’s last absolute monarch.

He is currently married to nine wives, with a wedding pending for wife number 10, and has chosen an additional fiancee after reviewing videos of topless maidens performing a traditional Reed Dance ceremony. – Nampa-Reuters

This is not the first time Swaziland’s leaders have made these sorts of statements. Quote from the Prime Minister from UPI in 1984:

Women, don’t wear pants in Swaziland
MBABANE, Swaziland — Swaziland, one of Africa’s most traditional and conservative nations, has urged women to wear modest clothing and know their place in society.

Prime Minister Prince Bhekimpi Dlamini, addressing Parliament Tuesday, called for the banning of see-through blouses, mini skirts and women’s trousers.

He also took a swipe at Women’s Liberation as the work of extremists.

‘Women who have such clothing should throw them away and buy decent clothing to wear in public,’ Bhekimpi said. ‘Such clothing is unacceptable to the Swazi nation.

‘Although Swaziland wants its women to progress in all sectors of institutional life, they must respect their place as women.’

Informed sources in Mbabane said there was deep resentment at the prime minister’s remarks among young Swazi women who favor jeans rather than traditional tribal clothes.

‘But nobody has come out openly to criticize the government. It’s a heavy issue here,’ one source said.

Under the late King Sobhuza II, who died in 1982, Swaziland cautiously adopted some facets of Western life while honoring the tribal traditions of one of Africa’s oldest kingdoms.

If Swaziland introduces legislation outlawing revealing and Western clothes, it will be following the example of Malawi where a Victorian moral code inculcated by President-for-life Hastings Banda frowns on mini skirts, jeans and men with long hair.

2022-03-12 Update:

This mother fucker is still in charge of their country.

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Kid Lexicon

When we were kids, my mother used to tease us she would “leave us out for the the garbage man to take us.” My younger brother Scott, who was really small, got “garbage man” confused with “government” — and so he would tell the neighbors that mom was going to leave us out for the goverment to pick us up. Scott was really afraid of the government. Scott also couldn’t pronouce the word “fire truck” — the ‘tr” came out as an “f”. Which was really entertaining when he would run around with his firetruck shouting the name of it.

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It’s Monday – Bush Still Sucks

What asshat things is the “president” doing today?

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