Kong Is Back

Peter Jackson of LOTR fame will remake one of my favorite movies ever: King Kong. It’s bound to be a great film. I can’t wait to see it. I wonder, though, what tall building in New York he’ll end up climbing… since the World Trade Center towers (from the 1974 movie) are no longer there.

King Kong

70s Party, Riley Towers

King Kong Empire State Building

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Weekend Update 2003-03-31

Kathy did most of the work finishing the drywall in the living room while I stressed out as everything when haywire for me all week long. (You can interpret “stressed out” as “threw temper tantrums”). The wall around the fireplace is brick with a thick layer of plaster over it — plaster that’s in bad shape and needed to be covered. I also needed to put up drywall around the fireplace to match up the edges of the drywall on the other two walls. All this would make more sense if I ever get my pictures organized and up on the site. [grin].

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One of the best things I’ve read recently

A recent post from Ampersand on the subject of racism:

“When I step on someone’s foot, I don’t complain that their toes are overly sensitive, nor do I make elaborate explanations of how I came to step on their foot (“you have to understand, where I meant to put my foot was…”). I apologize and move on. Most of the time, inadvertent racism (homophobia, sexism, etc) should be dealt with the same way.”

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Here’s what happens when Bushie gives you a tax cut

Portland Crime lab too broke to respond to some crimes: “But the lab’s work has been slowed by the state’s budget turmoil. A total of 85 out of 135 state lab positions were originally cut by the Legislature. About half of those jobs have been restored. Still, the cutbacks have had a profound impact on the crime lab… Bullet casings from a shooting spree in Portland went unanalyzed. And a body in Astoria lay in a kitchen in a puddle of blood for 30 hours, because the lab was too broke to send specialists on the day of the shooting.”
Yeah, the government doesn’t need all that tax money, does it? Better not get raped or murdered in Portland any time soon. Or in Indiana, for that matter.

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Blame Canada

From Toronto’s Globe & Mail newspaper: “Washington delivered a stern message to Canada on Tuesday, saying Americans feel disappointed and betrayed by the Canadian decision to stay out of the war in Iraq.
At a breakfast speech to the Economic Club of Canada, Paul Cellucci, the U.S. ambassador to Canada, said “there is a lot of disappointment in Washington and a lot of people are upset” about Canada’s refusal to join the United States in its efforts to depose Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.”

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