Grandparents 60th Anniversary

I spent the weekend in Iowa at my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary. It was really wonderful (except for the sermon during church in which I was duly informed that I’m decadent and thus going to hell. It’s always exciting to hear you’re going to suffer fire and brimstone. Woo hoo!) But it was fantastic to see my grandparents, and we got to celebrate my brother Todd’s wedding as well. (Todd and Denise got married on the 14th.)

Grandma and Grandpa’s 60th Wedding Anniversary

Todd & Denise’s Wedding

So my car is down for the count… the transmission needs work and I took it to AAMCO on Friday. Stay tuned for a review of AAMCO’s customer service. Right now; not very good. They had the car Friday, did nothing too it Friday afternoon, or at all on Saturday or Monday morning. They just started tearing it apart yesterday afternoon, and the time he keeps telling me for when they’ll give me an estimate keeps getting pushed back. I keep calling for updates, and he keeps sounding pissed off that I’m calling.

I’ve been hopping the bus, which isn’t half bad. Except for yesterday morning, I hopped the *wrong* bus and ended up at the Keystone Mall rather than at work. And rather than just following my blonde instincts and shopping, I called someone to give me a ride. Other than that, though, the bus is pretty fun.

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Sexist Billboard

So when I drive down Keystone, there’s a billboard I pass every day, advertising a brand of beer, which I won’t mention. “Never interrupt a man who might buy you a beer” the billboard says, with a picture of a man and a woman in a bar. The man is holding forth on some subject, and the woman is standing with her hand on his arm, looking adoringly up at him, rapt at his very words.

Fuck that! I’d rather buy my own god damned beer and talk all I want. And I *will*, too.

Apparently, I wasn’t the only one who hated this billboard, because here’s an account of someone who vandalized a similar one.

Sexist Billboard

Interestingly, this is a different name of beer than the billboard I saw.

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A-Team Dreaming

I speculated the other day that I would, now that I’m working in XML directly in the tags, start having XML dreams like I used to about HTML. But no.

The dream I had last night was about the new A-team. The team was me and a bunch of carny workers, driving around in a weird, beatup delivery truck, solving crimes. And the details that were upon later reflection truly bizarre: This wasn’t a TV show, but a real happening, and I mentally referenced the original A-Team as though it wasn’t a TV show either. Also, I had a “flashback” to “high school” (not my real high school, BTW) where I had attended class with much younger versions of the SAME carny workers, who were all friends back then, too, but not friends of mine.

“In 2001 a group of carny workers was kick out of town for being too bizarre. These people promptly escaped from the midwest to the Los Angeles underground. Today ignored by the government, they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem. If no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire: THE A-TEAM.”

And my trajectory towards burnout on XML corrections is reaching critical mass right now.

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My Cat Hates You

Considering my cat Idgie, you would think this website [] is actually by me. But it’s not. Although my cat will probably be on it soon, when I send in a photo.
I thought it might be true, but it’s nice to have facts and figures to support your personal observations – a study by professor John Cowley indicates that beautiful people are paid more than people who are “ugly” or considered overweight.

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Personalized Action Figures

Now, not only can I have an action figure made of myself, I can have my very own trading cards, as well. My superhero dream is finally coming true.

And it turned out to be a complete weekend of big bangs… we did fireworks, the city blew up a building, and then [insert diety of choice] decided to chime in with his/her own pyrotechnics. The power was out for three hours yesterday during the big storm. And ironically, I couldn’t find the matches (we used them all), and the lantern batteries were burned out. I had planned to mow the lawn, do web work, and go shopping, but couldn’t do any. So I layed around and read a book by candle light. Cool. I just started the complete, unexpurgated version of The Arabian Nights. Appropriate bedtime reading, no?

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Phantom of the Opera

Well, nothing like a night at “Phantom of the Opera” to make you lose your melodramatic, overly emotional mood. 🙂 Sometimes I feel just like that Phantom Guy, with people just taking stuff from you and then running away with the hot guy at the end, and leaving you alone with all your gothic decor….. it’s so sad, I feel I should break into song. “all I ask of you……”

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