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Last weekend in photographs

On Friday evening, we went to Trina O’Connor’s solo photography show at the The Language and Culture International Gallery. 158 East 14th Street, Indianapolis, Indiana 46202. More on the show here. Trina is part of the “Indy Women in Focus”

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This weekend’s to do list…

Things we want to accomplish this weekend… sign up for green power through our local electric company – estimated $2, addition to our bill, considerably higher peace of mind. Sign up for a local food coop delivery service to get

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Weekend Wrap-Up

We managed to get a lot done this weekend, and not kill ourselves in the process, which is pretty good for us. Saturday, I put 7 sets of Avon bottles on eBay, which was pretty huge. I have somewhat of

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Weekend Update/eBay Listings

Friday night: picked Stephanie up from Tune Tech after work because the clutch on the Honda is having problems again. Fortunately, it appears to be under warranty. With Phoebe’s battery dead, we’re down to one vehicle – the trusty truck.

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Balcony Finished

The contractor we hired to re-deck our balcony finished in two days flat, which is pretty impressive. This was a new contractor we hired, because the guy who’s been working on our gutters for eight months couldn’t manage to get

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