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Glare Ice

I carved a truck out of a block of ice this morning and drove it to work. I’m quite proud of my sculpting skills. It looks just like a red Ford Ranger with a silver shell cap. We’ve been managing

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Dear Internet, I’d like to complain about the weather

Serious, it’s April, and I’m a bit tired of the cold. All last night I was freezing in bed, but I was too sleepy to actually get up and find another blanket. Can we get some more sun around here?

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Sick of the Weather

I realize I’m just being whiny given that we has such a mild November and December, but I’m sick of the snow and cold. I just can’t seem to get warm, and I have this constantly runny nose that just

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A Rather Blustery Day

I had to run around this morning gathering stuff we had on the front porch from the neighbors yards, and bringing in the flag pole and some of our outdoor decorations before they blew away. The cats were all jumpy

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