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Volkswagen Microbus 2014 and Concepts of the Past

Volkswagen has a long history of threatening to bring back the classic Volkswagen Microbus, with lots of concept cars produced, but no versions that are actually available in the United States. I’ve gotten excited about every potential version and blogged

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The New New Beetle

Spy photos of the 2012 New Beetle, according to Edmunds Inside Line Straightline blog. The 2012 Beetle The original Beetle (more or less, the bodies changed bit over time.) 1998 Beetle (this is Phoebe, of course.) Interesting – the 2012

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links for 2010-02-03

Daily Kos :: State of the Nation very disturbing poll of Republicans about their beliefs. (tags: republicans poll demographics politics culture) IMPD officer admits sex with suspect | | The Indianapolis Star No, he didn't "have sex" with a

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I can has Microbus???

An older Microbus that was cruising the neighborhood. The owner seemed interested in selling.

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2009 VW Rabbit

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Chromaflare custom new beetle paintjob

Chromaflare New Beetle We spotted this Custom Chromaflare painted New Beetle in the BW3s parking lot on the south side of Indianapolis yesterday. Stephanie is pretty sure this is a custom paintjob and not one of the limited editions from

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Dear VW: This is not a fucking microbus

How many times to I need to repeat it, before you dudes figure it out? I want a hybrid fucking Microbus. This new van (Routan? WTF) is ugly as hell. Nevertheless, it’s actually in production and will be coming out,

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Beetles Caravan

Beetle caravan @ Bob Evans While checking out after dinner, we saw this “Beetle Caravan” of toys for sale.

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Route 66 Road Trip Morning, Day 17 in Joplin, Missouri

We made a lot better progress yesterday on the trip home; all the way to Joplin, Missouri. And we even got a couple of stops in at the Cadillac Ranch, the Bug Ranch, and the restored U-Drop-Inn Gas Station in

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Storm on the return trip

Trying to photo lightning; no luck.

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