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Infill Before Density: Some Ideas for Indy Velocity

Erika Smith from the Indy Star fills us in on a new plan for development in downtown Indianapolis that includes improving residential as well as retail and business development. Here’s some basics about the plan: This is the thinking behind

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Indianapolis’ disastrous downtown parking meter deal

This has been a hot topic on facebook and with local blogs for the last couple weeks or so. Mayor Ballard had come up with a deal to privatize parking meters downtown and in the Broadripple Area that basically gives

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Some Thoughts on “Gang Leader for a Day”

Again cleaning out some old notes and writing, I came across some thoughts I had about the book “Gang Leader for a Day: A Rogue Sociologist Takes to the Streets” and the subsequent discussion we had about it in book

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New Urbanism – Study at home

Cordelia at the Phenomenal Field proposes a home study course in New Urbanism, based on recommended reading over at the Where blog. I’ll sign up for this home study course – this has been a subject burgeoning at the base

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Urban Design Indianapolis

While we were exploring downtown Austin, we had an extended discussion comparing Austin and Indianapolis – and how Indy is quite a bit behind on basic urban design and development. Last night, though, a related email landed in my inbox

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