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Goodbye, Twitter

There are lots of Twitter critics out there, and I have rolled my eyes at their criticism over the past several years in blog posts on this site. My opinion of most of their opinions has changed very little. I

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Biden debates McCain because Palin didn’t show up

I’ll have more commentary in the morning, but that was my initial impression of the debate — Biden took on McCain on every single answer because Palin didn’t bother to actually answer any of the questions, and instead fell back

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links for 2008-04-09

Twitterholics Tons of applications that have been built using Twitter as a base. (tags: twitter software ideas reference) FTD – Frontotemporal Dementia – Brain Disease – Pick’s Disease – Creativity – New York Times A Disease That Allowed Torrents of

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Why Twitter?

To make bitter people write bad humor articles, of course. My friend Dan was googling his twitter ID (funny!) and discovered he’d been quoted in a “humor” article about Twitter on Funny Times, which he of course shared with his

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More Twitter Stuff

Now that I’ve reached a critical mass of friends who used twitter, some of the designers that I had added to my friends list back in SXSW are getting annoying. I kept a bunch of them because it was interesting

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